Combined Cycle Power Plants

A"combined-cycle power plant" recovers heat from the gas turbine's exhaust, uses the heat to generate steam in a heat-recovery steam generator, which is then used to generate electricity. This is one of the several methods used by Toshiba to help its customers use existing energy resources more efficiently.

Combined cycle operation provides higher efficiency than a conventional thermal plant and a gas turbine plant of the same capacity. Besides, it reduces operating costs by using the waste heat from the gas turbines to produce more electricity without using additional fuel. The combined cycle power plants generally serve as medium to base load plants.

SL.NO. Name of Project Location/Country Name of the Employer Scope of Work
1 172 MW Combined Cycle Power Project, Vijjeswaram, AP
(1GT+1 ST)
Vijjeswaram, AP, India Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation Ltd. Entire Civil Engineering and BOP Engineering. was carried out in the name of Toshiba Plant Kensetsu Co. Ltd., O&M and Technical Services Support.
2 1x165 MW Kelanitissa Combined Cycle Power Plant,
(1GT+1 ST)
Colombo, Sri Lanka Ceylon Electricity Board. Entire Civil Engineering and Design, Deputation of Supervisors for M&E and O&M support.
3 1x350MW Prai Combined Cycle Power Project
Prai , Malaysia Prai Power Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia Entire Civil Engineering and BOP Packages, erection and commissioning of entire plant, Relay setting calculations.
4 2(3) Blocks x225MW Combined Cycle Power Project Chia Hui Power Station,
  Deputation of Mechanical Erection Supervisor.
5 750MW Jebel Ali L- Station, Combined Cycle Power Project.
(2GT+1 ST)
Dubai, U.A.E. Dubai Water & Electricity Authority Design & Engineering (incl Civil) of DFO system, Plant Workshop, Lighting & Lightening protection system, Cabling, Civil Engineering of transformer rail track, structural steel platforms, monorail and fabrication drawings.
6 1550MW Umm Al Nar Combined Cycle Project
(5 GT+ 2 ST)
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority Entire Civil Engineering for the Power Island, Deputation of Supervisors for Erection & Commissioning, Design & Engineering of lighting and Lightening protection, DCS Engineering.
7 Sultan Ismail Power Station Block1,2 & 3 Rehabilitation Project Paka, Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Berhad DCS Renovation Works, Deputation of Supervisor, Design Graphics and FBD and IBD for Tosmap DS system of TOSHIBA.
8 700MW Tanku Jafar Power Station, Port Dickson, Phase – II (2GT+1 ST) Port Dickson, Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Berhad Review of Civil Engineering Designs and Basic Engineering support.
9 National Integrated Power Project, Nigeria
Simple cycle 3 Power Stations
Lot 1: 5GT Frame 9E
Lot 3: 4GT Frame 9E
Lot 6: 4GT Frame 9E
Nigeria Marubeni Corporation/ Niger Delta Power Holding Corporation Engineering of Mechanical and Electrical BOP Systems. Engineering Coordination for complete Project including preparation of plot plan, plant control philosophy, coordination with other contractors.
10 SLP 60MW CCGT Power Plant Expansion PJ LEAM CHABANG (THAILAND) Sime LCP Power LTD. Engineering work for Electrical Engineering.
11 366MW  CCPP Kondapalli Power Project STAGE-2 Kondapalli, AP, India LANCO  / Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd. Complete Design Engineering
12 750MW  CCPP Kondapalli Power Project STAGE-3 Kondapalli, AP, India LANCO  / Lanco Kondapalli Power Ltd. Complete Design Engineering