Procurement Policy

  • To have competitive suppliers from the total and long term viewpoints, taking into account price, quality, quantity, delivery, service and stability of supply.
  • To maintain competitiveness TPSC(I) will aim to select more than two suppliers for each resource.
  • To deal with the issues related to quality, quantity, getting inputs at lower cost and higher quality, maintaining the smooth flow of the processes involved in supply chain process.
  • To manage the logistics i.e transportation of materials to maintain stronger links with the suppliers so that nothing can hamper the flow process. To achieve excellence and customer satisfaction, focus is on continuous improvement in the quality of all products, processes and services.
  • Cost, quality and time are checked in respect of the demands which our customers place on us.
  • The highest priority for all our negotiations in Purchasing is the satisfaction of our customers.
  • To pursue zero error strategy in quality and logistics by applying rigorous quality and process planning, and continual assessment of our projects.